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Director of Administration

Demarco Ryan


Director of Administration


Hometown: Greenwood, SC


High School: Ninety Six High School


College: Bachelor Degree in Accounting (2012)


Current Position: Accounting Supervisor at Fuji Film


Demarco is a family man of two kids, one named Justus and the other named Braylon and a lovely wife named Emily. Their family have started several businesses: Emily’s

Place( Beauty Shop), Hope 4 Change(Nonprofit organization) that focuses on giving people the hope and the resources they need to succeed in life, TLR Hydrographics which main focus is t-shirts and Hydro dipping different items and also in the process of starting our own real estate company. The Ryan’s family is here to help impact and change lives and help catapult family and friends into their rightful position in life and to pull people up and to push them on their way. Demarco believe with God all things are possible but without him nothing is possible.